The Healing Mindset Book Cancer

The Healing Mindset

How Cancer Activated my 8 Super Powers

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Have you wondered what role mindset plays in some people getting well and others being unable to do so?

Would you like to know how to bring health and strength to your body through your thoughts and actions?

If so, I’m excited to share my new book with you…

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The Healing Mindset

How Cancer Activated My 8 Super Powers


When you read this book you will learn to…

  • Empower yourself to create health despite challenging medical news.
  • Create a healing mindset
  • Learn to love yourself enough to keep going no matter what your current circumstances are
  • Understand and accept that you are more than your body
  • Leave guilt and shame behind
  • Find trust in your intuition about your body, your health, your decisions, your medical team, and your life path
  • Transform fear into love
  • Develop a support team that will assist you in getting through every challenge

“Remember that you never know who you will touch by going through and sharing the experience you are having right now.” 

Ewa Andrykiewicz Zmyslona

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     Deeply human and generous, it’s a manifesto for a better care, which starts with self-care.

    Vulnerability fuels this book from the very first to the last page, which makes it unique and extremely relatable.

    I haven’t experienced cancer personally, but this book deeply affected me and changed the way I look at the world and at every person who fights this disease.

    Olga Nazarko-Jésus
    Communications Consultant
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    Wow Ewa! I love your book!
    Even though I haven’t been in the same difficult situation concerning my health, I totally recognize what you are saying.
    I feel like your book is very relatable for so many people. People looking for the power within will find answers and/or inspiration in your work.
    Your personal story and all the information you share can make such an impact. The people who are looking for their own strength will feel empowered by your book.  You are such a strong, powerful and beautiful woman! 
    Thank you so much for sharing this with me. I feel honored.
    Kris Dedeurwaerder
    game changer & free thinker connected to light & change
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    It’s the most beautiful brave authentic written personal story of how to use your superpowers within to heal your mind, body and soul when challenged in life with worst kind of illness like cancer. I highly recommend this inspirational book for everyone. The book took me through not only Ewa’s personal journey which deeply moved me, but also Ewa writes with such integrity and compassion of truly wanting to inspire and empower as well as give hope. She inspires you to activate your own superpowers, to take control of your own life and choose to make the best of it. The tools and practical examples of how Ewa changed and healed her life are so powerful for everyone shifting mindset from fear to love. How to raise your consciousness and redefine your story, to choose your thoughts carefully and how to create a life out of love connecting with your soul no matter any circumstances. 

    Pernille Neuro
    Psychotherapist & Emotional Energy Healer Cand.Ling.Comm


Ewa Zmyslona kicked cancer’s butt using a combination of traditional and mindset therapies. While accepting the advice of doctors and working their plan faithfully, she took her healing into her own hands as well, focusing on her body’s ability to heal, the life she wanted ahead of her, and the belief that she had the ability to create her future as desired.

A skilled life-coach with a background in science and project management, Ewa has used her exceptional human skills to help clients achieve success for many years. Now her focus and intention is to give others a place where they will feel loved, cared for and supported on their own healing journey.

The Healing Mindset Book

I’m delighted to offer you one more gift today!

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